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# Instructions for changing / replacing connector / rollerstone / scrapper arm


  1. As with all electrical appliances, remove the connection to the wall socket.
  2. Setup unit in a comfortable work area as the unit is heavy to work with.
  3. Place a clean material (such as paper or cloth) on the work area to prevent scratches to the body of the unit.
  4. Use the services of a professional electrician or mechanic, or an authorized service personnel if necessary.
  5. Remove the heavy rollers stones and the drum unit aside.
  6. Ensure that the machine has not been running and the motor is not hot, prior to opening up the unit.
  1. Remove the rollers stones set out of the drum, and place on a firm surface.
  2. Using a wrench, unscrew the two nuts (flat plates) on either side of the stone rollers.
  3. Remove the stone rollers off the stainless steel shafts and set aside.
  4. Using a smaller spanner, loosen the lock nut in the Scrapper arm (T shaped steel and plastic arm).
  5. Twist the Scrapper arm and remove it complete from the Plastic connector.




  1. Twist the Srapper arm back into the connector. Place the connector inside the drum and ensure that
  2. the Scrapper arm does not touch the wall of the drum nor the stone bottom. You can turn the scrapper arm
  3. and make it either move in or out. Also, ensure that the plastic part of the Scrapper arm is vertical.
  4. Once correctly positioned, tighten the lock nut on the scraper arm.
  5. Replace the stones and tighten the two nuts (flat plates) on either side of the stone rollers.


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