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Chocolate Stone Melangers, Nut Butter Grinders and an exciting world of speciality appliances!      Imagine the Possibilities ...


Customer Speak: 

19 Nov 2014 Thanks for the quick response.  I just ordered the parts.  I'm so glad the Spectra 11 was built to be repaired, it's nice to see a quality product for a change.  These days it seems like everything was built to be disposable.

23 Dec 2014

Thank you!! So far, Iíve had a wonderful experience with your Spectra, and I would recommend it to anyone.

 Nicholas, Texas

27 Mar 2015

Thank you again for your clarifications and your prompt attention. We are happy with your service.

 Kind Regards,    E G. Dittrich, Australia

31 Mar 2015
"The Spectra 11 melanger is a very interesting machine to conch chocolate. Even if the capacity is minor (max 3kg), the Spectra gives a great result of counching. It's really simple to use because there is only one button to press.
I believe this is a perfect tool to promote chocolate on a pastry/ chocolate shop to make understand the production of chocolate to customers.

Alexandre Bourdeaux
Head of Callebaut chocolate academy center
16 July 2015
Thank you so much for your help and professional customer service.
 Sincerely,   C Burke, MA, USA
7 Aug 2015 Hello, I have bought in the past a Spectra 11 works great, I won an award from the International Chocolate Awards making chocolate in a small spectra 11 ...   Sebastian, Peru
22 Aug 2015 We are very pleased with the performance of the Spectra 100 so far and would like to purchase another one ....   A. Frezza, Florida
24 Mar 2016 I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Looking forward to more chocolate making. Thanks,
Richard Dull, USA
09 May 2016

I received the package today. Thank you so much for the belts and the pulley.  I appreciate your prompt response in helping me with my machine.  Have a good week. Hopefully without crazy customers.
- Colleen

20 May 2016
Thank you so much for organising my warranty claim.  The replacement drum has been installed in my Spectra and all is running well.Kind regards
Li Peng Monroe
22 Jun 2016 I really wanted you and your team to know how much I truly appreciate you taking care of the situation right away. I greatly appreciate your product and customer service. Thank you so very much again.
Matthew McCormick
26 Aug 2016
Thanks Kumar, your products at Spectra are amazing!!  We already have a Spectra 11 and they make the best chocolate we ever tasted. thank you for your service to the good food industry!
27 Aug 2016 Thanks, Kumar. Your grinder is amazing! I've had nut butters made in those before. Now I want to get my own. It reminds me of a stone grinder my grandma had when I was growing up in Sri Lanka- it was manual though :)
Kudos to your company!